Medically proven therapeutic programs and courses adapted to each stage

Thanks to our healthcare professionals, programs and exercises that have already provided clinical evidence are designed.

Medically proven therapeutic program adapted to each stage

Initiated and prescribed by health professionals to no longer be alone or in bad company

Care access problems are unaccetable, as well as bad practices and therapeutic wandering of traumatic events victims.

Patients are supported throughout their nursing and their life journey.

Design and patient experience at the heart of our solutions

In advance of our developments, user experience is regarded highly by continually building our solutions with people going through traumatic events.

Design at the heart of our solutions
A complete experience

A complete, assisted and customised experience

Thanks to multidisciplinary players and our algorithms power, real-time measurements, physical and physiological parameters analyzes are offered to deliver predictive interventions and personalised courses covering the entire spectrum of psychotraumatic syndromes.

Health data transparency and security

Our solutions are built by holding health data security and confidentiality in high esteem.

Hosted by a French actor, on French soil and committed to our sovereignty preservation for total transparency, clear and explicit consent.

Health data security